Anal Balls


Ass Balls aka butt balls

Anal balls are sex toys that can double your sexual pleasure. Yes they are the new rage in town and will definitely spice up your sex life to a whole new level. We have a wide range of these balls that are made of the best materials that will not go bad any time soon! Our models of these balls are made to stimulate your sexual desires.

What are anal balls?

Anal balls are sex toys that are made of several balls or spheres. The insertion and the removal of these balls to and fro your anus and rectum provide sexual pleasure to the wearer. The balls are made for both men and women, especially considering the fact that the anus physiology remains the same in both genders.

Other details of ass balls

While there are literally hundreds of variations of these sex toy balls, they mostly have the same particular characteristics. The beads/balls are made of different materials, which are then connected via a string or molded as a single flexible unit. The anal ball is then finished with a stopper, or ring, at the end that will help you pull the toy out again.

Each individual ass ball on the sex toy is not of the same size, which is great because the changes in the size of the balls can greatly affect the pleasure that you receive. The balls normally increase in size for easy insertion and a pleasurable removal.

While it might be a surprising fact, the stream of pleasure does not remain constant. As a matter of fact, the sex toy butt balls take effect because the insertion and removal of the sex toy stimulate the sphincter muscles in your anal cavity. In turn, this creates a sensation of pleasure as each ball passes through these muscles. A lot of people will agree that anal beads are much better alternatives to a penis or a finger.

While the sex toy ass balls are relatively new to the world of sex toys, they are fast becoming quite popular. You can use them alone or with your partner. Similar to these sex balls, you will see a wide range of other sex toys on our website. So head over there and start filling up your shopping bags!

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