Anal Beads aka ass beads

–BOTTOM–Anal beads are a type of sex toys that consist of multiple balls or spheres attached together in series which are continuously inserted through the rectum and removed in varying speeds, depending on the desired effect. There is no such item as ass beads for men, especially considering that all humans have the same physiology when it comes to the anus.
What do Prostate beads look like?
While there are a lot of different variants of prostate beads, they almost have these particular characteristics:

All prostate beads will have a distinct stopper, or ring, at the end
All the beads are connected via a single flexible unit or a string
The beads are made up of various materials

The stopper is one of the most crucial parts of an anal bead for two primary reasons:

To make it easier to pull the beads out when you are done
To make sure that the anal bead does not accidentally slip into your anal cavity

What do Butt beads feel like?
This might be a surprising fact for most people that butt beads are not famed for providing constant pleasure. Its effect takes place when the beads are inserted and removed across sphincter muscles in your anal cavity. By doing this, a chain of pleasurable sensations are created when each bean passes these muscles.
How do you make use of anal beads for maximum pleasure?
Anal beads can become an integral part of your daily sex life. Here are two ways of maximizing pleasure with an anal bead:
Making use of an butt bead for foreplay
This is a great warm-up for sex. All you need to do is insert the anal bead slowly and remove them to stimulate your anus. You just have to make sure that the sex toy is lubricated properly; otherwise, your rectum might get ripped without using any lube.
Remove the anal beads just when you are about to climax
Once these beads are in you, you will notice that there is a slight activity in your anal cavity. This activity will supplement the stimulation to your genitals. This means that your sex session will be enhanced for the rest of the period. Remove them slowly as you are getting closer to climaxing.
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