Inflatable Anal Plug

Why the Inflatable Butt plug?
An Inflatable butt plug is a type of inflatable sex toy that is used for anal pleasure just like a vibrator or a dildo is used for vaginal penetration and pleasure. A sex toy like an inflatable butt plug might just be the thing that you need to feel excited about sex again. It can be a lot of fun for a person to control the inflatable plug while his/her partner moans with pleasure.

Regular sex can become boring pretty quickly. One of the main reasons that people cheat on their partners nowadays is because the sex life with their partners gets pretty dull and boring. Hence, they felt the need to look for passion elsewhere. Taking the help of sex toys in the bedroom is often the exact thing that you need to spice up your sex life with your partner.
The amazing thing about sex toys like an inflatable plug is that it can be used by singles as well as couples. A person could start small (e.g with a princess butt plug) if they haven’t tried anal sex before and take it slow. Once they are comfortable enough, the butt plug could be inflated to a level that is comfortable for the person.
This builds up a sweet pressure inside the person and stimulates the thin anal wall, which results in reaching the maximum level of sexual gratification a person can experience. The inflatable type of butt plug is generally made up of latex as it helps with the expansion and contraction of the plug. It could be enjoyed by the experienced as well as beginners as the inflatable feature helps users to reach a level that they are comfortable with.

Inflatable plug sex toy – Which anal lube to use?

It is highly recommended that you buy a lubricant when you are buying the inflatable butt plug itself. You should get a lubricant even if you have already had one. The thing to keep in mind about lubricants is you cannot have too much of it. The lack of an appropriate amount of lube might make the whole experience very painful and it might cause you an injury also. The first thing that you have to do is to stretch your sphincter; you will need to apply lots of lube on the rectum as well as on your fingers so the sphincter can stretch comfortably.
Use one finger first to ensure that you are comfortable enough and then you can insert two. Make sure to use enough lube so it is not too uncomfortable. Before you insert the inflatable plug, apply the lubricant on top of the butt plug as well as on the rectum. All in all, you will need a lot of lube. Another important thing to note about lubes is that it should not be made of the same material as the inflatable butt plug is. For example, the silicone-based lubricant does not go well with a silicone-based butt plug. But, since the inflatable type of butt plug is made out of latex it shouldn’t be a problem.
Any lube is okay to use as long as it does not irritate the skin. But, the most risk-free type of lube is the one that is water-based as it will not react with any material. Keep in mind that it can be harder to take out the anal plug as some of the water can be absorbed as well; in that case, there are oil-based lubricants that you could go for. But, they may be troublesome as they do not work very well with condoms.
Other details of the Inflatable Anal Plug
Some other details that you should know about before you use a butt plug or a butt plug panty especially the inflatable kind.


You have to maintain proper hygiene when it comes to inflatable plugs as it gets in touch with one of the most sensitive and infection-prone areas of your body. It is best to clean the butt plug immediately after you are done using it. If there are more than two partners, it is very important that you use a condom or cock sleeve on top of the butt plug to avoid any sort of infection.
You could clean the butt plug with soap and hot water as well as disinfectants that wouldn’t be too hard on your skin. Apart from keeping the butt plug clean, you also have to take care of cleaning your rectum. First, it is important that you have a proper bowel movement before the session. You could use laxatives to clear your system but it is not recommended unless you don’t have enough time.

The Shape of an inflatable butt plug

The basic shape of an inflatable butt plug is similar to that of a usual butt plug in the market. It is wide in the middle with a comparably slimmer top. But, the inflatable type of butt plug comes with an attached pump. You or your partner could squeeze it to increase the size of the butt plug thereby increasing the pleasure that you experience. It is best if someone else inflates the butt plug for you because you will not be aware of the increase in size beforehand just so to keep an element of surprise.
The inflatable anal plug is also available in a vibrating variety where you can not only control the size of the butt plug but also the multiple speeds of vibrations. The inflatable type of butt plug is a great sex toy for beginners as well as for experienced users. The multiple speed settings as well the ability of the butt plug to inflate or deflate adds that extra bit of excitement that can change the way you experience sex. “

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