Small Beginner Butt Plug

Small butt plugs which are also ideal as beginner butt plug for teens and first timers is a type of butt plug that appeals to a specific type of customers who like the cold, smooth, and stiff feeling of it. Below is our amazing collection.–BOTTOM–

Teen Anal Plugs & Small Butt Plug

Small anal plugs come in a wide variety of types that are made with different materials like some are made out of durable glass while others are made out of silicone or even latex. Using a butt plug can really help bring back some passion into the boring sex life of a couple or even an individual. Check out our website to see the variety in the collection of Stainless steel butt plug

  • Which anal lube to use with First Time Butt Plugs?

Which lube would be the best to go with a beginner butt plugs depends on what the small butt plug is made of. Usually, the butt tail butt plug is made out of steel or silicone. A teen butt plug could come with a various type of butt plugs.

  • Lubricants to use with Small Anal Plugs for Teens

There are three kinds of lubricants in the market. They are oil-based, water-based, and silicone-based. The safest lube that goes well with all types of teen butt plugs is the water-based one.

  • Small Beginner Butt Plug

But, it dries up quickly so if you are planning to use the teen butt plug for a long time, then an oil-based lubricant would be the best. If the horse tail butt plug is made out of silicone then under no condition should you use a lubricant that is also based on silicone as the butt plug may melt.

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Showing all 28 results