Butt Plugs For Sale

If you are on the lookout for risqué in the bedroom, you can use sex butt plugs. These are the best bet for a novice. A butt plug can be used by any gender or is suited for a person that has any sexual orientation. Butt plugs are generally famous for being worn while preparing for anal sex.

Butt Plugs For Sale

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Showing all 192 results

It can be used various other times too. If you use just the required amount of lube on a butt plug, you are good to go. It will slide in and out easily without the chances of causing you any type of discomfort.

Anal Plugs

On our website, we offer butt plugs of various shapes, sizes, and types. You should check them out and have the best time of your life with your partner. You won’t be disappointed and have something new to do the bedroom that you could have never thought of before.

What exactly are Anal Plugs?

A butt plug comes under the category of sex toys. It can be inserted safely in your butt. This happens because the butt plug contains a flared base. A flared base typically helps in anchoring the toy outside of the body. You insert them in your butt and leave it there.

How can you use a butt plug?

There are so many butt plugs available in all colors, shapes, format, materials, and sizes. So to select the right butt plug for you can be a confusing task.  You should start with something really small like the princess plug that will allow the sphincter muscles to get accustomed to the fact that it has something inserted in it. While inserting your butt plug, you can recline.

Pull back your legs a little bit and put some pillows behind your back. To have an access to your butt, reach your thigh outsides. You can also try a better method of getting all on fours. In addition to this, you can also hover over the butt plug and lower your body downwards in its direction.

Angle the tip in the upward direction towards the belly and try to push the tip in the inward direction with the help of your fingers. Push it a little bit further in if you feel comfortable while doing so. If you feel any kind of friction, keep doing the application of lube.

You can always lay down a sex blanket or towel underneath yourself so that you can relax in the entire process and you don’t worry about getting bodily fluids or lube on anything. As you know that you are working in the butt area so you can encounter poop because it is inevitable and natural so you don’t need to stress over it.

A natural lubricant is provided by the vagina and mouth. But that is not the case with rectal lining. So you should use a lube and always overdo its usage. You may go through discomfort or pain when you would be indulging in anal play. This is because you are not using enough lube.

You can go for the water-based and silicone-based lube and check your preferences. You can also use the anal plugs while doing chores. It is enough to excite your partner.

You can also wear the butt plug when you are out in public. This will serve as a kinky reminder to you and your partner that will help build anticipation for a sex act that would take place in the approaching time. One important point that is recommended to keep in mind is that you should not wear the butt plug for more than 2-3 hours.

How to decide on the size of a Anal Plug Sex Toy?

Go for the smaller ones first. This the biggest rule of thumb. You can buy the larger ones once you have used a smaller butt plug and have enjoyed your experience with it. A plug that is too large in size for you may hinder all the fun.

Butt plug material

Give a thought to the material of a butt plug before purchasing. Butt plugs come in a variety of materials. If a toy is made with phthalates, avoid them. The butt plugs not made from phthalates can be glass butt plugs, silicone butt plugs, wood, rubber such as inflatable butt plugs, jelly, plastic, and some other materials. You need to think of the clean-up options for the butt plug too.

How to choose the correct lube for your butt plug

People always have a preference when it comes to a lube. Some like silicone-based lube because of their property to last a long time. On the other hand, some people like the water-based lube because of two main reasons.

First, it allows a simple clean-up and the second, because of its compatibility with a majority of materials. Select a butt plug or vagina plug that is compatible with your lube. A water-based lube has compatibility with all the materials. Silicone-based lube can be used will all the materials of these toys except the silicone toys.

What are the different types of butt plugs available?

Look at the following types of butt plugs available to choose from them the next time you want to have a great time with your partner:

Jeweled plugs

To have pleasure will wearing a butt plug, you can go for the jewel butt plug. It has a simple procedure of insertion. This is due to the fact that they have a very sharp tip finish and are incredibly smooth. In this type of butt plug, whenever you insert it, it would feel really nice. It is glittery smooth and looks superb in appearance. So, go for these to have the best time of your life.

Tail butt plugs

If you want to step out of the ordinary and try something different in your sex life. You can go for tail plug. They are wild, naughty, and kinky. You will have a lot of fun wearing a tail butt plug. There are many types of tail butt plugs available like dog tails, fox tails, bunny tails, cat tails, and many other types of tails.

As these butt plugs are lightweight and contain a lot of fluffiness, and are a great choice for some unique kind of role-playing. You need to take care of these tail butt plugs and also clean these products in a proper way so that you don’t go through any trouble.

Princess plugs

Princess plugs are meant for princesses who have always been pampered and indulged. It is also meant for princesses who use the goods in the uppermost quality available. Princess plug come in a number of shapes and sizes. They look fabulous and breathtaking all at the same time.

The butt plugs look like they are straight out of a fairy tale. You can also get your hands on gold butt plugs for the added bit of getting a magnificent vibe. So, to get a princess vibe and to go high on sophistication, you can use this butt plug.

The advantages of butt plugs in your sex life

You can explore new dimensions of your sex life that are the most pleasurable and enjoyable with the help of these butt plugs. In addition to this, butt plugs are awesome to spice up your sex life often connecting both partners and can do wonders for your relationship. It will help in further building intimacy.

As the anal area has a lot of nerve endings, so you would have a blast whenever you get aroused. In heterosexual sex, butt plugs for women can be used in a variety of ways. During the time of vaginal penetration, a woman can use it to increase stimulation. You can use butt plugs and play around with your erotic mind by using something as challenging as these sex toys.

It will help you and your partner come out of the comfort zone and help you experiment a fantasy that you must have been thinking about for a long time. You can also use butt plugs for men to warm up your male partner for anal sex. Butt plugs give a new dimension to having sex. It has also been said that psychological arousals could be as strong as a penetration or touch.

How to maintain and take care of your Anal plug

An anal plug is used for providing an intimate feeling and is considered an intimate toy. To get the most out of your butt plug, you need to wash all your sex toys with any soap type (that you use on your own body) and warm water. If your sex toy has a non-porous material composition, like it could be silicone, pyrex, or stainless steel, and comes with a removable or no motor, you can boil your toy for a period of 10 minutes.

This process will disinfect the toy. This process helps in the killing of viruses or bacteria that a water-and-soap wash might not be able to tackle. Clean your butt plug between uses as these are intimate toys. Maintain storage practices that are high on quality and keep in mind to maintain proper hygiene also. This will prevent the chances of an infection occurring and your product will also last long providing you value for money.

How much lube should you apply before using a butt plug?

The butt does not naturally lubricate, so using a lube becomes mandatory. Use a silicone or a thick water based lube as it is perfect for some anal play. These lubes last longer than the standard thin, lubes based out of water that the pharmacies sell.

You need to buy a lube if you are buying a butt plug. Do not skip the lube under any circumstances. You can also go for a combination of both water and silicone based lubes so that it cleans up easily like a water based lube and lasts longer like a silicone based lube. You can say it is a hybrid of both as it combines both these qualities.

How to talk about butt plugs with your partner?

Do not surprise anyone with butt plugs or anal play. You must interact and talk with your partner about it confidently, proudly, and openly about the fantasies that can be the door-opener to many horny ones. Keep communication as your topmost priority.

You need to ask yourself questions like, for instance, whether your partner is creative and adventurous. In addition to this, you need to ask questions about what are the wants and needs and how do you communicate when it comes to sex. If you always have an open communication about it then you can easily discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a fresh activity like adding plugs or toys.

But if this is not the case, then you need to maintain space and start opening up about it. Doing so will, in fact, be your starting point. Show curiosity, flexibility, and acceptance about the erotic triggers of your partner. Try if you can understand and listen. It can be a thrilling experience to find out intersections between you and your patner’s fantasy.

Other advantages of butt plugs

A butt plug helps in anal sex preparation. But there are many other benefits of a butt plug. You can focus on various pleasure centers when they are worn. You can wear a butt plug while giving a sensual massage to your partner or while having oral sex to take these experiences to a whole new level.  A feeling of fullness is created by butt plugs. Plus, a pressure is applied to the erogenous zones by the butt plug.

Safety measures of using the butt plug

The butt plug that you choose must have a flared base. If this is not the case then there is a major risk of the product slipping off very far into the anal canal and moving up the colon. Such a movement can cause bodily harm that is very serious.

The presence of a flared base makes sure that the toy does not insert entirely and makes its retrieval possible and easy. Read the instructions on the instruction manual before you use the butt plug.

What is the shape of a butt plug?

Butt plugs come in different shapes and sizes and but they follow a pattern that is similar if you see them generally. A butt plug consists of a flared base, neck, bulb or a teardrop shape.

A butt plug mostly is narrow and round at the bulb’s tip and which slowly progresses in size till the time it reaches the widest point it has. After this point, the plugs narrows and what then follows is a neck that is the slimmest point. This point is the place where the anal sphincter and the plug will hug after you fully insert it.

The base can be a narrow flared one or round one (the one that you will find in a dildo). The flared base is favored by a lot of butt plug users because of the added comfort it offers when it is fitted between butt cheeks. A flared base makes the anal sphincter to squeeze and relax around the neck thus making sure that the butt plug is secured in place even if you dance, sit, or walk.

What are the sizes in which a butt plug comes?

There are a lot of sizes when it comes to a butt plug. This is a great factor because you can always choose the one that fits your needs and experience levels. A butt plug for beginners contains the widest point that does not exceed a diameter of 1” usually. The length of the insertable portion is between 2 and 3.5” in total.

How to enjoy using a butt plug?

People only think that you can use a butt plug for a warm-up for having anal intercourse. You can also use them for getting solo pleasure. In addition to this, you can wear them during your intimate time. Everyone can wear a butt plug regardless of gender, age, and sexual orientation. You will have a time to remember with your partner if you choose from the wide varieties of butt plugs present. Just be careful in its usage and store and maintain it properly.

Butt plugs versus vibrators or dildos

Butt plugs are not the same as dildos (e.g squirting dildos) or vibrators. Butt plugs are ‘plug and play’ toys and are more suitable for the particulars involved in anal penetration.  The butt plug stays in and it comes with a flared base, which allows it to sit at ease between the butt cheeks.

The base of the butt plug sticks out so that you don’t have to worry about losing it inside your body. The part of the butt plug that goes in is designed in such a way that your anus gets stimulated providing you the stimulus you may be looking for. Some butt plugs come with a motor and they vibrate while some are stationary. Dildos are toys that are focused on penetration and butt plugs are less built for such a purpose.

What are the reasons for using a anal plug?

To get the most out of your butt plug, we have come up with a number of reasons why you should use it. Read on to know more:

  • Rimming

Butt plugs are crafted to do anal stimulation in a direct fashion. This is called a vibrating sensation or rimming. The butt plugs used here are the vibrating butt plugs and they particularly vibrate when this type of a butt plug is pointed before it gets flared out.

On the other hand, you can externally stimulate your anus if you don’t want to do it internally. This can be done by using the vibrating remote control butt plug too. Apply lube to the plug and press the vibrating body of the plug from the outside against the anus. Many pleasant sensations of stimulation of the anus can be provided by this method.

  • Stimulation of the G-spot

Butt plugs provide a fresh dimension of vaginal stimulation because it reaches those tough spots that generally do not get reached. This is done through the back door. There is a thin lining that separates anal and vaginal canals so you can indirectly do G-spot stimulation. A massage to the G-spot is created by a butt plug.

  • A massage to the prostate

You can definitely excite a prostate if you have it. You can get a longer butt plug for this purpose. Because it is shaped in a way that it can reach that spot, which will provide you with pleasure. The prostate massage plugs are different from the other ones because they are generally curved and longer.

While you get a prostate massage you would also want your penis to get stimulated sometimes to enhance the fun quotient of it. Or you can simply just massage your prostate. So, now you know what a butt plug is and what the factors that encompass it are.

There are a lot of things that you now know about the butt plugs. You can choose a butt plug of your liking and experience and indulge in new and unexplored experiences with your partner if you want something different and exciting with your partner. There are various shapes and sizes in which butt plugs come.

There are also various types of butt plugs that you can choose from. So now you know the advantages of using a butt plug and why it is so versatile in nature. You can try these butt plugs so that you can spice up your sex life and fulfill all the fantasies that you and your partner have so that you can do something that is not boring and has the power to provide pleasurable sensations.

So, what are you waiting for? Spice up your sex life now with these amazing sex toys that will provide you a good time and help you do something different from the ordinary.”