Jewel Butt Plug | Diamond (Gem)

Butt plugs are of many different types that appeal to different people. But a Jeweled butt plug may be the one thing that you need to bring the passion and the excitement back into the bedroom for you and even your partner. Contrary to the popular belief, people have used it since the 1900’s to add some flavor and excitement to their otherwise dull sex life.

Like there are different colors available in a product to appeal to different people, there are different types of diamond butt plugs available to suit the different needs and wants of the consumer. There is no reason that jewels and gems should be limited to a person’s neck or hands when they can also be on a personalized anal plug.


If it is the first time that you are using the diamond anal plug then we recommend that you use a smaller one as it would be more comfortable. After a while, you could go for bigger ones and experiment even more. You could also go for the anal training kit that comes with butt plugs to help out a beginner.

  • Proper lubrication of the rectum is the most important part to avoid any injury in order to enjoy the whole process more. Once again, lube your rectum along with the tip of the butt plug that you are going to use. Start inserting the lube into your rectum slowly and carefully while making sure that you are comfortable with it, because being uncomfortable with it could increase the chances of an injury.
  • You will feel that the hole will start to stretch and loosen up. You shouldn’t experience any pain but if you do, stop the process immediately and continue only once it subsides. If you experience any sort of burning sensation around the area of the rectum then it may be because of the ingredients of the lube that you are using or the material out of which the butt plug is made out of.
  • To avoid any of these things from happening, it is important that you do your research before you purchase a lube or even the butt plug. Diamond anal plugs or Gem anal plugs are the perfect thing to gift to your own self.
  • It can help you to have a good time by yourself without needing any assistance from anybody. It is especially useful for those people who are away from their partners and want to remain loyal while being sexually satisfied.


If you are ready to experiment and experience a new type of sexual gratification then you must be wondering how you could lay your hands on a jewel anal plug in 2018 . The simple answer would be to go to a sex toy’s shop. You will be able to choose from a variety of items.

Choosing a product after you check it out yourself will help you choose the right one. But, not everyone is comfortable enough to just walk into a sex toy’s store and choose a gem anal plug that would fit them well. For people like these, there is always the option of making the purchase online. This way, they will not even have to deal with anyone so they will get to escape the embarrassment factor altogether.

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Showing all 22 results