Dog Tail Butt Plug

Are you tired of the same experience every day and looking for something new, naughty and kinky? If yes, then a dog tail butt plug is perfect for you. In a world of sex toys, there are not many toys that are easy and fun to use more than a dog tail butt plug. On our website, you will see a wide variety of butt plugs and include several types of animals like bunny tail, fox tail, etc. You also have the option to choose your own color and material of the plug.


Dog Tail Butt Plug – How to clean your plugs?

In order to ensure that you stay in good health and not share any blood-borne diseases like Hepatitis C and HIV, proper cleaning of anal toys is very important. Start by cleaning of the fecal matter on the butt plug using hot water. Next, apply antibacterial soap on your hands and toy and give it a good clean under the hot water. It is important to avoid the use of any scrubbing brushes or tools as they can scratch the surface of the toy, thereby leading to potential scratching of the anus.

(Puppy) Dog Anal plugs

Once the toy is cleaned with soap and hot water, dry the toy under the sun and pack it away securely for future use. Make sure that you are not placing your butt plugs next to each other. This can lead to damage to the toy. Hence, it is a good idea to place each sex toy in individual zip lock bags. Alternatively, they will keep your toys fresh and clean for your next session.

Our team puts in a lot of heart and soul into making these dog tail butt plugs. These products are made up of the best quality. Our website represents the modern world and strives to offer a new perspective and meaning to the world of sex toys. Our motto is ‘quality over quantity’.

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Showing all 15 results