Cat Tail Butt Plug


Different styles of anal plugs appeal to different people. One such style is that of the cat tail butt plug. Cat tail anal plug is attached to a long tail of fur, which is supposed to resemble a cat’s tail. Cat tail plugs, just like horse butt plug, fox butt plug and dog butt plug are part of the but plug tail anal toys.

Sex toys such dildos, male chastity cage and pocket mouth are becoming more and popular around the world. As time progresses, people are opening up to the idea of experimenting in the bedroom using sex toys of different kinds.

For people who like to role-play in the bedroom, a cat butt plug adds to the perfect setting. Besides, it is available in so many shapes and sizes that a beginner, as well as an experienced user, could enjoy using a cat tail plug. They also come in many different styles and colors of fur so that a person has a wide variety to choose from.


A kitty tail butt plug is one such sex toy that is similar to dildo plug, fake vagina vibrators or other tail anal plugs but is meant for anal sex and not vaginal pleasure. They are thick in the middle with a slim top.

Although they come in different shapes and sizes but this one is the most common type. In the early days, cat tail butt plugs were made out of wood and rubber but now they are made of more friendly and fun materials like silicone, durable glass, metal, diamonds and much more.

The Wearing a cat tail anal plug increases the chances of arousal in your partner if you walk around wearing it as it is very visible because of the tail. A lot of people like to wear butt plugs and go about their day. They say it provides them with a sense of excitement as well as pleasure.


A cat tail butt plug could be found in sex toy stores as well as online sex shops. Although it is recommended that you go to a store and buy, people still prefer buying such products online. If you go to a store and check out the products yourself, you will have a better idea of purchasing the right size.

You do not have this option if you buy it online. The plus point of buying from an online sex store is that it eliminates all kind of judgments from others as well as awkward conversations one may have to make. If this is the option that you choose, make sure to check out the rating and reviews of the seller that you are buying from so you don’t get stuck with a cheap knock-off.

There are genuine products available online if you know where to look and if you are willing to spare a few extra bucks.


Here are some of the tips that will prove to be helpful especially if you are using the cat tail butt plug for the first time.


It is best to buy some lube while you are purchasing a cat tail butt plug. You will need to make sure that the lube that you plan on using is not only suitable to put on sensitive private areas but they also mix well with the butt plug.

For example, do not use silicone based lube with a butt plug that is made of silicone as it could melt the butt plug, which is not something you would want to happen while you are using it.

You will not only need lube to open up the sphincter and stretch it but you will need to apply it on the heart butt plug as well as on your rectum as the butthole has no natural lube of its own like a vagina does. The more lube you use, the better.


The main purpose of you experimenting is so that you can enjoy the experience more whether by yourself or with your partner. Beginner butt plug users often think that the whole process is supposed to be painful so they endure it.
But, if you use enough lube and take your time, it will not be painful at all.

Do not force yourself to continue if you are feeling pain as it might cause an injury. Plus, an injury caused down there will not only be painful but it will be hard to explain to the doctor as well.


First, you have to make sure that the cat tail plug that you are using is clean and hygienic so you don’t get any infection. If more than one person uses it then it is necessary that you use a condom over it.

It is also important that you have hot water and soap nearby so you can clean it immediately after you are done. Another part where you have to maintain hygiene is your anus. It is important that you have a proper bowel movement before the session so you can avoid any foul smell.


It will take some time for you to adjust. The first few times the cat butt plug or any other butt plug set for that matter will slide right out or even shoot out of your anus as you do not yet know how to control it properly. Over time, you will become more aware and will figure out how to comfortably keep it inside. If you laugh or sneeze then the grip will loosen and it will slide right out.

These are some of the tips along with a little bit of history that will help you in trying out the cat tail butt plug. The long and colorful fur makes the whole experience very fun and helps in foreplay as well. Just be careful of the lube you use and make sure that you are comfortable with the style and the size of the cat tail butt plug. Using a condom is one of the best ways to maintain hygiene and to avoid any infection from spreading especially if your partner also uses it.

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