Bunny Tail Butt Plug


A bunny tail butt plug has a rabbit’s tail that is very small as compared to other animal butt plugs. With this little tail in your tushy, you can hop from here to there and be a total honey bunny! A perfectly delightful bunny tail makes your sex life even more stylish and saucy. You will get extreme amount of pleasure when you feel the soft tinge of tenderness from the tail. Other popular furry butt plugs includes the wolf tail butt plug, cat tail plug and pig tail butt plug.


Your partner will give you some more loving when you wear it making the process sexier. ​The bunny tail butt plug comes in a variety of colors to add that extra flavor to your sexual fantasies. The colors can be red, black, pink, and white. Some butt plugs come with a detachable tail for providing better storage of these butt plugs.

The rabbit tail butt plugs are ideal for first timers as the tail is rather small offering ease and kink both at the same time. Wiggle and shoe off your bunny tail as you indulge in some saucy anal play. You partner will be nothing but tempted over this product.


The bunny butt plug is made of a superior quality Borosilicate glass and is designed with a base that is fortified. Also, it has a sleek neck. This rabbit butt plug offers a comfortable fit that is completely safe for anal play with your partner. The tail is fluffy and comes in a variety of shapes, length, and size.

Bunny tail butt plugs are animal-cruelty free and are made from animals that died from natural causes. These cute butt plugs are made with materials that do not harm the body in any way.

The products used in its making are eco-friendly and original. These butt plug can be, crystal, silicone butt plugs , metal butt plugs , glass butt plugs, or be made of other material.

The bunny tail butt plug is easy to lodge in the butt as compared to other furry butt plug toys. These products will prove to be a treat to the eyes of your partner when you want to explore some different options in role-playing.


Hence, this product won’t disappoint you or your partner in the bedroom and take the boredom of a typical routine right out of the window. You can consider using anal plug panties to enhance the rabbit plug. Remember to check out other popular sex toys such as the chastity dick cage and dick plugs.

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