Glass Butt Plug

–BOTTOM–A glass butt plug is one of the many types of butt plugs that are available out there. The main purpose of a butt plug is to help the user experience sexual pleasure in a more fun and innovative way. It is weird for a lot of people, but those who use a butt plug swear that it serves the purpose, if used correctly. Below is our amazing collection.

Glass Anal Plug

There are many types of butt plugs available in the market today. A lot of people are beginning to use such products to spice things up. This can be used by couples as well as by single people who are looking for ways to satisfy their sexual needs. They come in many different shapes and sizes as well as in kits that are meant to help beginners get comfortable with a butt plug.

How to safely use a clear glass butt plug

Here is a list of things that you should take care of so you can safely use a glass butt plug and get the maximum level of pleasure from it.

  1. Lube (do)

The one thing that you have to be sure of is that you have to use a lot of lube. You cannot use too much of it. Make sure that you do proper research before getting the lube so there is no irritation or burning sensation. You need a good lube to help with the penetration as the lack of it could cause you injuries and no one wants any sort of injury to happen down there.

  1. Comfort (do)

The whole point of using butt plugs is to increase the sexual pleasure. In order for you to feel that pleasure, it is important that you are comfortable with the whole process. This applies to all kinds of sexual intercourses; you will only enjoy it if you are comfortable. In order for you to be comfortable, it is important that you apply a lot of lube and stretch your rectum by inserting as many fingers as you comfortably can.

After that, you have to again apply lube on your rectum as well, so the penetration can be smooth and comfortable. Another thing that could help you be more comfortable with the whole process is if you use smaller butt plugs. You could increase the size as you got more comfortable with the whole thing. There are kits that come with different sizes of butt plugs, they are meant for beginners to help them get more familiar with the idea of butt plugs and anal sex, in general.

  1. Numbing cream (don’t)

Under no situation is it recommended that you use a numbing cream. The pain and discomfort that you may experience are there for a reason. It is often a sign from your body telling you to stop. Some people want to avoid any sort of pain or discomfort and that is why they use numbing cream or sprays. But, this increases the chances of you getting an injury, which might lead to bigger problems not to mention the discomfort you would feel. It is best to stay away from any kind of numbing cream before you go through any sort of penetration.

  1. Silicone (don’t)

Most of the butt plugs that you will come across will be coated with silicone if they are not made of it. If the butt plug that you plan on using is made up of silicone then it is safe to stay away from a lubricant that is based on silicone as well. It could make things very messy for you and not in a good way. Silicones have been observed to deform when mixed with other stuff that has silicone as well, so it is best that you stay with water-based lubricant. This is why a glass butt plug would be a good idea as it will at least not melt while inside of you.

Other details of crystal butt plugs

If you need more convincing apart from the fact of how sexually satisfying an anal plug can be, then we have come up with a list of benefits, which is mentioned below.

  • Bowel movement

Regular bowel movement is necessary if you want to live a long and healthy life. Anal sex helps you with your bowel movement because it helps with the blood flow in that area. That helps with a smoother and much easier movement of the bowel.

  • Immune system

You may already be aware how sex, in general, is good for your health. But, did you know that anal sex could potentially help your immune system? Well, it does. Add to that the calories that you burn and it can be the perfect work out for you.

Clear butt plugs or glass anal plugs

There are so many different types of anal plugs. One such type is the glass butt plug. The butt plugs were originally made with rubber that you could use with Vaseline or any other lubricant. Now, it is made up of many other products such as latex. One might think that glass butt plugs might have been introduced recently. But, the glass dilators made of Curvlite first started appearing in the year 1950’s. These looked a lot like the chandelier type of light bulb.

The main body is a lot more bulbous, which made it seem like it would be a lot gentler than Dr. Young’s rectal dilator would be. These also came in many different sizes, you are supposed to increase the size of the dilator as you got more comfortable with the current one. Nowadays, the glass butt plugs come in a variety of colors. They are very aesthetically and sexually pleasing. Not only are these glass butt plugs beautiful, they are also very durable so you do not have to worry about them breaking. The glass also magnifies the rectum in case you want to take a look up your partner’s butthole.

Where to buy glass butt plug sex toys?

After reading so much about the glass butt plug, you must be curious on trying it out. There are two ways to go about it. You could either purchase the product online, which is how most of the people buy it since it removes the element of an awkward conversation etc. You could also go to a store and purchase the glass butt plug, which is the recommended way to go about it.

If you go to a store and purchase a butt plug, you would be able to check the quality of the product and also have a hands-on idea of the size. This way, you wouldn’t make the mistake of purchasing a size that is either too big or too small for you. Glass butt plugs are surely a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom. Just the idea of trying something new can get you all excited.

Make sure to take your time getting comfortable and start slow so that you can enjoy the pleasure to the highest level possible. There are many different varieties that you could try once you get bored or comfortable with the current one. Start with a small size that is comfortable and from there you could work your way up. “

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