Silicone Butt Plug


Silicone butt plug

Butt plugs that are made from silicone are becoming widespread today because of their built. Silicone is a metalloid, which when used in a butt plug imparting it indestructibility. A silicone butt plug is ideal both for beginners and experienced users as it offers a very smooth appeal to a butt plug. Plus, it does not contain any sharp edges that might harm the body. If proper care is taken of a silicone butt plug, it is highly durable and won’t disappoint you when you wear it in your butt. If you are a first timer, you can start with a smaller silicone butt plug and then try the bigger ones for increased pleasure.

How to use a Silicone Anal Plugs?

A silicone butt plug can be used when you want to go for anal sex with your partner. You can wear it before you go for it for providing a little bit of warm up to your tushy. A silicone butt plug can be worn for a larger period of time without any hassle. It has a bulb-like ergonomic head with a smoothly shaped base that is flared to provide support and safety. A silicone butt plug comes with harness compatibility and can be used with water-based and hybrid lubes as well. In addition to this, you can also clean the silicone butt plug with warm soapy water or also with the help of a sex toy cleaner.

Types of silicone butt plugs

A silicone butt plug comes in many types in order to give its wearer a comfort fit. The products can be fox tail butt plug, black wolf butt plug, pony butt plug, flowered anal plug, jeweled butt plug, dog tail butt plug, bunny tail butt plug, and many other animal tail butt plugs. All of these are made of silicone to provide a pleasurable experience. Some of the silicone butt plugs come with a suction based top that is firm but flexible at the same time offering a smooth insertion and hence, perfectly contouring your body. The suction top helps in locking the silicone butt plug so that it does not budge from its place.

Some of these silicone butt plugs also come with a vibrator thereby enhancing the experience of its user, though it is different from a dildo. The silicone used in these butt plugs offers such a soft touch that makes it an instant hit among its users. The silicone does not cause any bodily harm and is very safe to use. Some silicone butt plugs come with a base that is maneuverable and helps in an easy movement of the butt plug when you use them. There is a sudden pleasurable sensation when you insert them in your butt offering you something different from a rather same mundane routine of your sex life.

How to remove odors from a Silicone Anal Plug?

Silicone is an amazing sex toy material because of it being easy-to-wear and body safe both at the same time. Silicone butt plugs are affordable as compared to other stainless steel and glass butt plugs present in the market. But sometimes these butt plugs give off an odor that seems hard to get rid of. You can try to give the butt plug some sunlight exposure, but if that doesn’t work, you can boil the butt plug with some vinegar.

Additionally, you can also try baking the silicone butt plug if the before-mentioned things don’t seem to work out. If all the efforts fail, you can try soaking it with some vinegar but only at room temperature. This ought to take the odors out from the silicone butt plug that you are using.

So, now you know what silicone butt plugs really are and how they can be used. You can use it without any trouble given its smooth fit nature. The product is also easy to clean and is suitable for first timers as well as experienced users. You can choose from the huge range of silicone butt plugs available according to your needs. So go ahead and try this product if you want to experiment something different than the usual and spice up your sex life by indulging in some kinky action.

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