Locking Butt Plug


Locking Anal Plug

If you visit our website, you will see that our locking butt plug is made out of the most exquisite materials and designed sensuously for an intense session of anal play. The plug can spread wide open with the help of a key and then be locked in a certain position, thereby keeping you in control. The locking pin keeps the plug tightly sealed until you decide to remove it.

You will also find an ingenious rubber cuff on the plug’s base that will prevent the toy from pinching. This butt plug is also easy to clean. The weight of the toy is very luxurious and perfect for a thrilling and sensational temperature play. It can be sterilized easily because of its non-porous nature.

How to take care of a locking butt plug?

Cleaning your locking butt plug will ultimately elongate its life. But, the most primary reason to keep your butt plug clean is that the sex toy navigates over sensitive terrains of your body. Hence, you need to make sure the toy is cleaned before and after use.

The easiest way to clean your butt plugs is to wash them with plenty of hot water. This will clear off the fecal matter and leftover lube on the sex toy. Once this is done, take a small container of hot water and add antibacterial soap solution in it.

Make use of your fingers to gently wash and clean the surface of your toy. It should be kept in mind that some butt plugs lubricants can be more difficult to remove than others. Hence, you need to go over this procedure a couple of times.

Make sure you never use a scrubber as it can lead to damage on the toy’s surface. Once done, rinse the toy again in hot water and dry it using a towel. Dry the butt plug naturally.

Make sure to visit our website if you are looking for the best butt plugs in the market. Our collection of sex toys will leave you astounded. All of them are made of the best materials and will not disappoint you in any way. We leave no room for error.

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