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At our website, we strive to provide all our customers with a fulfilling and complete chastity experience. We offer so much more than just inescapable chastity device; we also offer services and accessories that will enhance the enjoyment of your overall experiences. These accessories will deliver to you the best experiences that you have always fantasized about. We are a company that produces the best sex and BDSM tease toys.
What is a male penis cage?
Male chastity is the practice of locking up the male genital area with the help of a male chastity cage or more commonly known as the cock cage. This is a very common practice that is used in BDSM play. The submissive partner is locked into the male chastity devices, which can only be opened with a key; this key is in possession of the dominant partner, or also known as the keyholder.
The keyholder is the person who decides when or if the chastising device comes off. The length of the time is variable; it can last for a few hours to a few weeks. In this time, the submissive partner surrenders their most important organ that offers the greatest amount of pleasure; he can neither obtain a full erection nor have an orgasm.

Male Chastity Devices & Penis Cage – How does it work?

While this entire experience might sound very unpleasant, it can, however, be very pleasurable. While in this dick cage, when the submissive partner tries to get erect, the penis will only swell up to feel like a firm grip. In turn, this will build arousal in the submissive partner. Over time, this arousal builds up and becomes more and more intense. Once the submissive partner is freed from the male chastity device, the orgasm will be much more intense than he had ever experienced. In short, the more the person is locked with a cock cage, the more intense the final orgasm is.
As for the keyholder, the orgasms become much more frequent and intense. This happens because the submissive partner will be thinking about sex at all times. When the opportunity comes, the sparks will fly. Additionally, the oral skills of the submissive partner become noteworthy very quickly.
Dick Cage Summary
You will find a lot of different male chastity devices on our website. Right from rubber ones to hard metal cages, you have a lot of options to choose from. We guarantee that they are made of the best materials and will satisfy both you and your partners in the long run!

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