Nipple Ring


Nipple Rings

There are many different pierceable parts of the body like the ears, tongue, belly button, etc.; but not all of them are visible on a daily basis. One such type of piercing is nipple piercing, which is a type of body alteration that can either be on display or private, according to the preferences of the individual.

What is nipple piercing?

A nipple piercing is a process where body jewelry is put (or pierced) through one or both nipples. This sort of piercing can be done by both men and women. There are two primary ways of piercing a nipple – horizontally (from left to right of the nipple) and vertically (from top to bottom of the nipple).

Why should you go for a nipple ring?

People get their nipples pierced for a wide range of reasons. Most men that get it done want to draw attention to their nipple rings. They are also the same people that prefer to stay shirtless and show off their pecs or muscles.

On the other hand, women tend to get a nipple decoration ring for completely different reasons. Some women feel that their sensual pleasure is enhanced with the help of a pierced nipple. Others get it to appear more attractive in front of their partners. There are also women that choose to get a nipple ring to correct a physical issue like inverted nipples; if you indeed have inverted nipples, make sure the piercing professional is comfortable working with this type of piercing.

Nipple piercing is a great way to be adventurous with body modification while not having to show off to the world. If you are looking for some great nipple ring designs, you can head over to our website. Our designed collection will simply leave you stunned and wanting for more! Start filling your shopping bags right away!

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