Onahole is a popular type of sex toy. Its name is derived from the Japanese and means Girl’s Hole or Masturbation Hole. As a matter of fact, any type of masturbator from Japan is called onahole. Our line of these sex toys are extremely realistic and the next-greatest thing to experience after sex. People prefer our products because of the variety of sensations you can feel. We manufacture many different types of these sex toys like mouth, anal, vaginal, etc.
How do you use these Onahole sex toys?
Onahole is basically a flashlight from Japan. It is a masturbation sleeve that is lined with various textures like ridges and bumps to stimulate the feeling of a vagina. They are mostly made of materials that imitate real human skin and inside a solid case that gives it structure and shape.
When you are about to use the sex toy for the first time, it is recommended that you warm it up first; this makes a huge difference to the experience and feeling. Make use of warm water to heat the toy up. Then, you can make use of lube to change the feeling of the sex toy. You can make use of any water-based lube of the toy and apply according to the intensity you want.
The most obvious way of using the pocket pussy is to enter the sex toy and move the entire thing along your penis with the help of your hand. It works exactly like masturbation and almost seems intuitive. The main benefit of this method is that you have complete control over the movement of the sex toy on your penis. You can change the angle and speed according to your own will and make the small adjustments wherever it is needed.
However, you will see a lot of flashlight-type toys that allow you to experience that same sexual sensation without the use of your hands. These are electric sex toys and will amplify your sexual desires to a whole new level.
On our website, you will see that our line of onaholes are made of the best materials and safe to use for various types of masturbation techniques. You can head over to our website right now and purchase many types of sex toys at heavily discounted price rates now!

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