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As the name suggests, a penis gag is a gag that is shaped like a penis and held inside the submissive partner’s mouth with the help of straps. There is nothing more like a silent partner, especially one that can make vocal sounds and yet still remains within the whims of your desires. A penis gag toy is ideal for keeping their mouths shut. The dick gag has been designed for beginner couples who are new to the world of bdsm gag and wants to make it a part of their lives.
How to choose dick gag?
The dick gag, or basically ball gags, is like every other sex toy; you need to look deep before you choose one. Here are some considerations you need to remember:

Material: Silicone is the most common type of gag that is used on these BDSM toys. Faux leather, leather, metal, and ABS plastic are also used fairly. The harnesses are made of latex or rubber; it is recommended that you avoid both since rubber is porous and latex tears easily.
Size: You need to choose a size that will fit into the mouth of your wearer with some sort of comfort. The experience level of the wearer should also be taken into account. Make sure that the penis dildo fits into the mouth in a fitting, yet comfortable manner.

Cock Gag – How to take care of your penis mouth gag?
Cleaning the mouth gag is as important as cleaning other sex toys such as a butt plug or a dildo. Body fluids must be cleaned out since oral infection can still take place. Depending on the material of the toy, you can make use of warm water and soap and carefully clean around the toy, especially on the dips, ridges and the holes. You need to dry them properly and disinfect them once in a while.
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