Penis Jewelry


Penis jewelry

That men love their penises is not a secret. But do you know all sorts of adornments that do to their buddy down there to make it look great? And we do not mean surgeries like enlargements, taking the foreskin off, implants, etc. We are talking more like jewelry for penis. Yes there are jewelries meant for penises which also help in heightened sexual pleasure. Let us explore what penis jewelry is.

What is Cock jewelry?

While penis jewelry can really have a variety of forms, they really mean jewelry that is meant to be worn on the penis either during the time when you have sex or otherwise too. Some of the pretty common ones are beads on the penis, rings as piercings of various styles, and rings that are worn as a girdle around the penis.

Mostly, penis rings are used by men while they are engaged in sexual activity. These are also known s cock rings which have a vibrator fitted with it. When you have sex, these rings can take your play one notch up by sweet vibrations that will make every thrust even deeper and wilder.

What is the function of dick jewelry?

Let us talk about rings that actually play an active part during sex. Other jewelry like beads and tattoos and piercings mostly have an aesthetic appeal rather than a physical function. On the other hand, cock rings can work in multiple ways to make sex more exciting.

A cock jewelry ring will restrict the blood flow which will make you last longer in bed. Plus, when you reach your climax, the sensation will be nothing like what you have experienced before. So, get ready for the wildest of sex with a dick jewelry ring.

There are different measurements for rings so before you buy one, measure your penis so that you buy the exact fit. Use a string to measure your penis by putting it around the balls and the wrapping it around the penis. Take the measurement of the base and mark the measurements judging the fit that you are comfortable with. This should give you the diameter and the circumference.

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