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Penis plugs are placed into the urethra and are sometimes called as ‘sounds.’ A cock plug is worn by a man during masturbation or oral sex. It teases the nerve endings that are present behind the penis’s head, which results in intensifying sensations by providing a deeper stimulation. Plus, it shoots up the sensitivity level of the penis. A penis plug gives you an extremely strong orgasm. Check out collections and get yourself some good fun toy
Cock Plug – Urethral Insertion
Remove the plug when you think you are going to climax in order to get the most powerful experience that will definitely blow your mind. Do not forget to go deep with penis plugs in order to get one of the most gratifying few minutes of your life. Choose a penis plug that accentuates the area by accessorizing it. The penis plug supplies a motion to urethra contractions which gives a feeling similar to when you ejaculate right after getting an orgasm.
Types of urethra plugs
Penis plugs come in a plethora of types. They are tailor-made to provide you with the kinkiest experience. They are very different in their outlook, catering to the needs of its users so that they can make a choice accordingly. Let’s look at some of these types:

Prince’s Wand – The Prince’s Wand, also called the pound puppies, comes in both pierced and unpaired types. The pierced Prince’s Wand is ideal for a person with a piercing named Prince Albert. This product has a ball at its base and is hollow and even throughout. Plus, it allows smooth urination and ejaculation because it has an opening.

Sperm Stopper – When you place the Sperm Stopper in the urethra, it’s designing is such that a solid ball goes into the urethral muscles. A thin rod is connected to this ball. This rod swivels around the area under the glans. The area where the rod attaches to a ring is used to stimulate the V-spot present in the penis. Additionally, some of the Sperm Stoppers have more rings than one.

Vibrating Penis plug for urethral sounding – The Vibrating penis plug provides a small motor that gives out strong vibrations that tease the penis and allows its user to move the urethra upwards and downwards to get some pleasure at his favorite points to get aroused to the max. In addition to this, these plugs have an elongated end which holds the battery.

Dick Plug Design
Choose the design of the cock plug according to your own suiting. It should give you a good fit keeping the plug in a place where it won’t budge. A penis plug should be should be such that it shouldn’t go deep into the urethra therefore, causing some serious bodily harm.
This is the reason why a penis plug is designed with its end being wide enough not to make it go far into the urethra. Some plugs come laced with stoppers such as balls, discs, or certain handles to make sure that the plug stays put. The type of these stoppers is not that important but making sure the penis plug have one is.
You should also know how to keep the penis plug in its original place because of the constant pushing of the urethral muscles. This will need some practice so; try to keep some patience if you are a novice.
A plug that comes with a narrow shoulder works best if you are still trying to learn how to place it properly. Some dick plugs come with certain glass rings that help in a careful positioning of the plug. But due to the complexity they offer, they are recommended for people who have been using penis plugs for quite some time now and know the ins and outs of it.
Urethra Plug Sizing
A beginner should go for a penis plug that is smaller in size, very smooth, and solid in its making. Such type of a plug cannot be worn for long intervals. But it is okay if you wear it for longer durations to get used to some stretching. Plus, it will not bruise your urethra and make you feel at home.
Another aspect to be considered while you buy a dick plug is choosing the appropriate width. If you are a novice, there are some specially made starter plugs to cater to your needs. Plus, it is good for those looking for something that is light and not too hard on their urethra.
So, for first timers, a penis plug with a width between 0.25 to 0.30 inches will suffice. Keep one thing in mind when you buy a thin penis plug i.e. don’t buy the plug that is smaller than the width mentioned before as that plug would be very sharp defeating the whole purpose of staying at ease, especially for the inexperienced users.
When you start to use a dick plug, use a shorter plug. The length should be between 1.5 to 2 inches. You can increase the length once you start using the product and become familiar it. The thicker plugs have different textures and central holes giving an altogether different appeal to a penis plug.
How to use a penis plug?
Penis plugs offer convenience to its users because of its easy and uncomplicated design. But certain things need to be taken care of while using it. First things first, make sure your dick plug is clean. If not then sanitize it. Additionally, clear your body parts before you insert it. You can also tell your partner to use clean hands or use a surgical glove to allow a germ-free insertion of the plug.
For a hassle-free experience, do the insertion of the penis plug only when you penis isn’t erect and is soft. If you are doing it yourself, place one of your hands on the penis to give support and the other to position the plug.
Are cock plugs safe to use?
Some of the penis plugs in the market require piercings while some do not. The most widespread issues regarding the usage of penis butt plug is that it can cause cuts and rips in the internal skin of the penis. Plus, on insertion, penis plugs can cause a urine infection because it can provide a gateway for the germs to enter into the body.
In order to safely use urethral plugs, make sure you use a generous quantity of lube at the head of the penis to ensure a safe penis plug insertion. Doing this makes it easy for the penis plug to get lodged in the penis properly by lowering the irritation. A little tip: use a water-based lube instead of a silicone one to prevent the breakdown of the surface of the plug that is made of silicone too (silicone breaks silicone.) In addition to this, it should have a stopper at its base so that it prevents you from over inserting it.
So, now you know what penis plugs are actually and various factors and questions that surround it. You can now select a penis plug that is suitable for you without any worry and start your journey towards getting more playful with your penis and extract the most out of these penis plugs. But be sure to follow some safety measure before you use them.

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