Permanent Chastity


Male permanent chastity

Male permanent chastity devices are safe to use over a long time. You can find different types of this chastity products in various sizes, designs, materials, and colors. Common materials from which male chastity devices are made of include silicone, metal, plastic, and resin.

What is a male permanent chastity device?

A chastity device is a product that can be used to deny or control a man’s ability to achieve an orgasm or erection.  The most common male chastity devices include cock rings, chastity belts, and the classic penis cage.

  • Cock rings: These are great for one-time play sessions.
  • Chastity belts: These are quite costly and are customized for every user.
  • Penis cage: These are pretty affordable and offer permanent or regular pleasure of male chastity. A penis cage is a tool that completely encloses the whole penis and secures the testicles. This lets the man to urinate freely but prevents him to touch, orgasm, rub, and erect his penis.

Different types of male permanent cage chastity devices

You can opt for a permanent life chastity device with an internal locking mechanism or an external padlock. The internal device is rattle-free and ideal for attending public events while locked up. On the other hand, the external lock provides a visual reminder of the control and power of the keyholder over the caged lover.

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