Posture Collars

A posture collar works as a rigid form of restraint or bondage that restricts the movement of the head and neck of the wearer. It forces the wearer to keep their head up and sometimes also restricts side movement of their head. We offer posture collars in different sizes, materials, and colors. You can choose one as per your requirements and preferences.
What is a posture collar?
A posture collar or a slave collar is used in fetish play and BDSM. It restricts the neck movement. As the name suggests, posture collars maintain the neck posture while keeping the neck extended and chin high.
Generally, posture collars spread broadly at the front in order to reach the collarbone from the chin. They prevent the user from looking downward or drooping their head. Posture collars are usually wider in front as compared to the back.
Different types of posture collars
Posture collars are usually made of leather. Apart from this, they are also made from plastics like PVC, rubber, or metal. Posture collars come in decorated options as well. You can also find some bondage elements in these collars, like decorative spikes, locking closures, D-rings for attaching other controls such as a rope or leash, etc. Moreover, you can find posture collars in the look of a neck corset. You can find some posture collars with soft trimming or edges that diminish chaffing.
The different types of posture collars include:

Collar of protection: This symbolizes that the wearer is under the protection of the dominant.

Training collar: This is for beginners who need training.

Collar of consideration: This reminds the wearer of their relationship with their master.

Collar of ownership: This is for those who have completed their training successfully.

Why should you get a posture collar?
Posture collars come in handy during those perverted playtime sessions. Let us take a look at some of the reasons as to why you must go for one. A posture collar:

Provides a sensational symbolism
Keeps the wearer on a tight leash and restraints them for spot-on satisfaction
Enables sexy submission and powerlessness of the partner
Lets you take the command and engage in superior and role play

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