Sex Chair


Sex Chair aka Fucking Chair

A sex chair is specially designed for having sex first and then, sitting. These chairs look discreet, enhance sex positions, and are really easy to clean. They are best if you are after learning new sex positions.

How to pick out the best sex chairs?

If you have never bought a sex chair, just follow the steps to enjoy the most comfortable and pleasurable sex ever!

Step 1: Choose your positions

The very thing you need to consider while choosing fucking chairs is to figure out the sex positions you like to explore. It gives a better idea of what kind of sex chair will work for you. There are chairs that are designed for doggy styles while some support knees when women are on top positions. So, consider the shape that goes perfectly with your imagination.

Step 2: Go for discretion

Do you want to hide your fucking chair when others are around? If not, go for sex chairs that can be passed off as regular chairs. You can even choose smaller chairs that you can hide easily.

Step 3: Pick out the size

As stated earlier, sex chairs come in all different sizes and shapes.  Some of them are even designed in short or plus-size varieties to offer a great experience. So, take out measurements of the furniture and your body before you settle on a fucking chair.

Step 4: Go with something that can take a thrashing

There are inflatable fucking chairs that one can store discreetly. However, these chairs are not durable and not last for long. They cannot even hold up rough sex. It may sound a great option for lots of people but foam-core sex chair will last longer than inflatable or cheap chairs. Meanwhile, foam-core chairs are more comfortable and supportive. So, go for it!

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