Sex Stool


Sex Stool aka Fucking Stool

Who wants a boring sex life when you can do so much to experiment? From handy sex toys to even furniture designed for sex, you can now have it all. Not many of you must have heard about a sex stool which can bring in the X factor into your private lives and turn it into the spiciest one. Want to lean the knowhow of a fucking stool? Worry not, we are here to guide you through it.

What is a Sex Stool?

The word goes that sex stools were invented to make the sex lives of pregnant women more exciting by making it easier to sit on comfortable positions on the stool. But who said only pregnant women can use them? You can use these great stools that are light weight and great for those tricky positions that can take you to the next level.

Why use a Fucking Stool?

A Sex Stool is easy to carry and looks like a small seat on which you can place yourself comfortable for the perfect balance. This is mostly meant to be used by women, but then again, no restrictions! Forget about uneasiness in those positions which are so good but they require too much effort with the balance. You will ace these positions with a feather light sex steel which puts no weight on the knees or any positions on top.

There will be an opening in the center of a fucking stool which will allow you to go as close as you want. This will also give you the right kind of penetration and allow you to control the movement by bringing it to a steady pace. All of this with no pressure on the hips, thighs, or knees. Plus, the best part is that the stool does not even look like a sex toy. You can just place it anywhere in the house and use it for those hot sessions whenever you want to, without drawing any suspicion.

Buying a sex stool is easy peasy   as you just need to order it online. The sellers know the procedure and make a discreet delivery.

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