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Sex Sling Swing
If you are looking for something that will jumpstart your sex life, you should go for sex swings. Sex slings for sex are one of the best ways to have floating sex here on earth. Swings for sex is available in a wide range of varieties. While some are made for bedrooms, there are others that are made of leather for a dungeon-like feel or can be attached to your house’s doors. You will find a wide variety of these swings on our website. Apart from these, we also house an endless collection of the best sex toys from around the world.
Uses of sex swings
When you have sex on a swing, there is only one source of touch – your partner. It will feel like you are floating in space and the only thing that is touching or inside of you is your partner. This aspect of a swing works like sensory deprivation and increases the pleasures and intensity of the sensations.
These sex sling swings are commonly used in BDSM types of sexual activities. The person who is riding the swing fully submits his/her body to the dominant partner. The harness feel like restraints; you can also make use of additional handcuffs and attach them to different parts of the swing.
How to choose the best sex sling for fun
Some aspects you need to consider before choosing a sex swing are:

Mounting points

Generally, the more mounting points the swing has, the more comfortable it is. Normally, such sex sling swings have about five mounting points – two for the legs, two for the hands, and one for the head. Wide mounting points are much more comfortable.

Hardware and springs

Springs and hardware are a personal preference. Swings are meant to hold weight; hence, you can choose metal ones over the plastic hardware since the latter has a low breaking point. You should always know what the upper weight limit the swing can hold and be wary of false claims.
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