White Butt Plug

Carefully run through your fingers the furs of the white butt plug to make the hairs separate and also to reduce the spreading of moisture to them. At last, hang the white plug product so that it can dry naturally. It may shed some hairs, but don’t worry because that is bound to happen if you are using a product that is made using a real butt plug tail.

A white butt plug will remain in its original form only when proper care is taken in its cleaning and maintenance. Do not tug at it or rub it against clothes to ensure that it lasts longer. So, check your bunny butt plug daily for any signs of damage. If you notice any such signs beforehand, you can very well stitch the ribbed part with the help of a thread and a needle.


So, now you know what a white butt plug is and how can it be used to break the monotony of your sex life. Experimenting with new things always brings good results and this product promises to offer just that.

If you are a first timer, this product is ideal for you because of its easy-to-handle tail, it can be used together with butt plug thong or any other type of panties.

You can choose from the vast variety of other colors (such as the purple butt plug or pink butt plug) and design of a butt plug according to your comfort level.

Surprise your partner with a white butt plug to spice up things between you too. Who doesn’t need a break from the regular routine of life? Doing something out of the box is always appreciated and each effort is counted by your partner.

So, impressing your partner becomes a lot easy with such a product at your rescue. Wiggle your tail and indulge in some kinky action to experience something different than the usual.

Make you and your partner happy by using this butt plug the next time you go for anal play.  Make sure you do the proper care and storage of the product once you buy it and then you are good to go! “

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Showing all 3 results