Red Butt Plug

ake sure the red butt plug that you have does not get any bright light exposure. Plus, never keep it at a place that has a heating source nearby. Allow the product to breathe in fresh air and put it in a place where it doesn’t get squished by any other products or objects.

Give these red butt plugs some space and wash them without any chemicals. Do not put a red or white butt plug in a bag, as doing this will cut off the air supply and dry up the product.

If you wish to put it in a bag for some time, make sure that you use a cloth bag that is loosely woven. Do not accessorize the teen butt plug with sharp jewelery by pinning them on it as this will damage the tail.

Do not put your red butt plug near any insecticide or other chemicals. Plus, avoid putting a hairspray or perfume on your tail as the perfume is made up of alcohol that is capable of drying out the bunny tail plug.

If the tail gets watery due to some reason, do not fret. Shake the tail and hang it up in a room that is very well ventilated.

Refrain from hair drying the red butt plug product however tempting it may seem at that time. The tail should not be exposed to any kind of heat as mentioned earlier.

Red butt plugs can be cleaned using a lube that has water as its base for a deep cleaning. Your furry tail butt plug will already be exposed to little drops of lubricant, which can be cleaned without much worry. Use a washcloth that is damp and slowly dab the unclean area.

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Showing all 7 results