Female Chastity Belt Device


A female chastity belt cage is an adjustable waistband that locks and consists of a secondary U-shaped band that snuggly fits down over the waist over the anus and the genitals. The main purpose of this chastity belt for women is to restrict the wearer from seeking sexual release during masturbation or intercourse. They can be worn for a wide range of time durations like a few hours to months or years, it’s the ideal sissy chastity for your play.

Currently, our website has a few female chastity cage products that are up for grabs. Also available is the male chastity belt, metal chastity cage and the chastity cage. The quantity is limited for now; hence, you need to be fast to order the product before it runs out.

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Some reasons why people make use of female chastity belt device are:

Control – With one person holding complete sexual control of the submissive partner, there is a power exchange over behaviors and actions. This is what women chastity cage entail. The sub is forced to seek sexual expression or release on the dominant partner’s terms and conditions.

Denial and tease – A lot of people know the joy of being teased with a sex belt and not being able to do anything about it because you have a female chastity belt cage. This results in a welcoming sexual tension, as a result.


Torture and humiliation – While humiliation and torture might seem medieval to most people today, there are some that find these two qualities quite erotic. This is ideal when using a female chastity device cage or any other chastity lock device.

Aesthetic eroticism – Apart from humiliation, denial and being tied to a lease, some people simply like to wear a women chastity belt as a simple act, which can be a turn on in itself

BDSM games – There are quite some fun female chastity belt games that you and your partner can engage in if you both are looking to spice up your sex life to a whole new level. Adding a bdsm belt will enhance these games.


First, you need to decide what type of belt you are looking for; is it something for a casual play or more escape-proof? Make sure that you choose the best chastity belt for women that fits you properly. You also need to seek out reliable retailers and sellers that offer you products that are made with body-safe materials and offer product details. Grab a female chastity belt or a small chastity cage for yourself or your partner right now and get Kinky!!

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