Male Chastity Belts


A penis cage, or better known as a male chastity belt, is a sexual cock lock device that is used to close the penis of a man so that there is no control over his sexuality. A chastity belt for men will prevent the erection of his penis and, along with it, the orgasm as well. When it comes to bdsm, chastity belts are often used by the dominant partner and hold the key to these cages; they are also known as the key holders. If you are indeed looking for a male chastity belt or even a female chastity belt make sure that you visit our website.

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The overall construction of a male chastity belt is quite simple actually. The penis is introduced in the tubular construction, which is attached with a lock to a ring. This encloses the testicles and penis. Without unlocking the lock, there is no way of removing this metal chastity device and cage.

In some models, when the wearer has been wearing the chastity belt for men for a long time, there are some mechanisms that allow opening in case of an emergency. But as soon as the cage is opened, it cannot be closed again. For a sissy, this is the ideal sissy cage device. you are free to explore.


Men chastity belts are available in a lot of different variants. Some include:

Cages made of soft material – These are men chastity belts that are made with soft materials like silicone. These bondage belt cages are comfortable to wear and relatively cheaper than others. These cages adapt well to different shapes.

Cages made of hard material – In this category, there are two variants – the hard plastic cages and the metal cages. In terms of pricing, they are a bit expensive than the variant above. But they last you for a long time.


Our website has cataloged a list of the best male chastity belts for you! Apart from this, we also have a lot of different BDSM toys to bring your sex life to the next level. Our collection of silicone chastity cage sex toys will definitely not disappoint you. This is because we understand exactly what our customers are looking for!

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